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We rate our projects by series, comparing all the blocks in a single quilt against just that set of blocks, and rate them either Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced. In our experience, most quilters who start with a Beginner block in a series will then realize “I can do this!” and go on to make the rest of the quilt regardless of the block ratings! Since we now give much more information and detailed instructions within our patterns than we did years ago, some of our older patterns are a little trickier than the newer ones. For example, a block from an older pattern and from a newer pattern may both be rated as Beginner, but they really can’t compare side by side. Read through the categories below to see what skill level you would give yourself!

Some pattern blocks are rated "Beginner to Intermediate" or "Intermediate to Advanced." Those patterns will appear on both pages.


Terminology level - Basic
Comfort level - Minimal, needs guidance
Familiar with basic piecing
Get a quick preview of the raw edge appliqué process by watching McKenna's video demo here
Not very familiar with your sewing machine

Terminology level - Proficient
Comfort level - Moderate, but ready to try new stuff
Familiar with a few types of piecing and appliqué
Comfortable with using most settings on your sewing machine


Terminology level - Fluent
Comfort level - Very comfortable, even with new techniques
Familiar with most types of piecing and appliqué
Proficient with all settings on your sewing machine and can troubleshoot most mechanical issues yourself