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Embellishments for Quilts

An embellishment is a detail or feature added to make something more attractive. Our selection of quilt embellishments are not just decorative touches or an added flair of attraction, but they’re what makes your finished project distinctly yours.

Browse through our variety of kits offered that prominently feature seasonal themes of nature, Christmas, outdoor hobbies and the comforts of home. No matter if you’re making a quilt for a nursery, den, living room, or a guest bedroom, you’ll be able to find the right embellishments to finish the quilt and complement the room. We offer numerous quilt patterns, such as “Magic in the Moonlight” representing the enchantment of winter; “Sea Breeze” featuring fanciful aquatic animals; “In Full Bloom” harkening the first peaceful days of springtime; and many, many more.

Make your project original and unique with decorative add-ons and embellishments. We conveniently stock tools and bonding glues as well, for a simplified shopping experience.