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When we say "traditional fabric kit", we mean a kit that includes fabric for the project, but where the applique shapes are not pre-cut or pre-fused for you (if you are interested in pre-cut and pre-fused fabric kits, please see our Laser Cut Fabric Kits). The fabrics in the traditional kits are the same as what is used in laser kits and as stipulated in the pattern for each project. These kits require you to trace and cut the pieces, as specified in the pattern instructions. The advantages of the traditional fabric kits are that you will have the flexibility to select which portion of the fabric you'll use for each piece, you'll have some fabric leftover to add to your stash, and the cost for these kits is usually lower than laser cut fabric kits.

Before you Buy - Kit Contents!

Read the product description for what the kit contains. It will always contain the background fabric, fabrics for the appliques, and the pattern. Depending on the kit, borders and binding fabric may also be provided. Backing fabric is not usually provided.

Fabrics in the Kit

The fabric contained in the kit is as specified in the pattern. A rare exception is when a fabric has been substituted due to a supply issue; these substitutions are made with McKenna's involvement and should yield a strongly similar result in the project. Fabrics in the kits are usually not labeled; you may want to refer to the Fabric List available on our website to identify the fabrics if such a list is not included in the package. Most of our fabric kits are made by the fabric manufacturer and we have no control over their packaging process... but be assured we think they are beautiful to behold, and easy to work with!

Kits - Beginner and Advanced

Single-block fabric kits are approachable for the beginner quilter, and of course this depends on the design complexity of the block. For full-quilt kits that have multiple blocks, these require extra patience and some experience. Fabrics used in more than one block must be carefully allocated. For this reason, multi-block full-quilt kits are best for quilters who are more experienced.

Notions & Tools

The pattern will specify the notions and tools you'll need to bring together to assist you in creating the quilt. Typical notions will include fusible and The Applique Pressing Sheet, as well as thread and batting. You can find most of what you need on our website.

We welcome any questions you may have about our kits and process! Please contact us and we'll happily help!