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Fabric Art Prints & Free Project Patterns

Fabric Art Prints

One fabric piece, endless possibilities! Our gorgeous collection of McKenna’s quilts transformed into art on fabric gives you a unique way to recreate some of our favorite applique quilt patterns. Fabric Art Prints can be made into a wide range of fast and easy projects for both home décor and personal use: pillows, mantle skirts, wall hangings, table runners, tote bags, laptop bags, makeup bags, and much more. With your own addition of quilting stitches, these fabric panels will come to life before your eyes! Whether you’re a beginner looking for a beautiful way to get started with quilting, or an experienced quilter who wants to make a quick piece, you can recreate McKenna’s applique quilts as an afternoon project. Keep them for yourself to go with your McKenna Ryan wall hangings, or create simple and beautiful gifts for family and friends.

McKenna’s patterns are inspired by nature and the world around us, and these prints are no exception! From snowy scenes to nautical nature, our prints are sure to inspire many ideas to go with your home décor. The beauty of quilting is that each piece will come to life in a myriad of ways through you, the quilter. Let our Fabric Art Prints inspire you to create your very own work of art!