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About McKenna's Fabric Art Prints!

Many of McKenna's applique design collections continue to be favorites. McKenna's art is appreciated by many, and many would like to create her designs using the original fabrics. This becomes difficult when the original fabrics are no longer available, or when the applique technique is more than one might want to undertake. So whether you're a beginner looking for a beautiful way to get started with quilting, or an experienced quilter who wants to make a quick piece, you can recreate McKenna's applique quilts as an afternoon project. Introducing some of her collections as Art Prints enables quilters and sewists alike to create usable, washable pieced quilts and home decor items. They can create a "Truly McKenna" project in a fraction of the time!

What is a Fabric Art Print?

McKenna's Art Prints are digitally printed images of her original applique artwork, sized just as in the original with a seam allowance added. Each panel is printed on 100% high-quality quilting cotton. Each panel is individually packaged. McKenna's stitch lines and any embellishments from the original are clearly seen on the panel, giving them a 3-dimensional appearance!

Uses of the Art Prints

One fabric piece, endless possibilities... Art Print panels can be used in any number of ways! Use all the panels in a collection to make a pieced quilt - fully washable and snuggable. Or make other fast and easy projects - wall hangings, table runners, pillows, placemats, hot pads, journal covers, tote bags, makeup bags, and more! For each collection, we offer patterns for inspiration - free and downloadable, as well as some for a fee.

"Just Add Stitches"

The Art Print is complete and ready to be integrated into the project of your choice. You'll just trim the panel to the dimensions for the pattern you're using and you're ready to sew it in. It's really that simple... "just add stitches"!

Quilting a Project

The beauty of the Art Print panel is not just in McKenna's artwork, it's in how simply Art Print projects can be created. You'll be delighted to be able to choose how much quilting you do on your project. McKenna's original stitches provide a quilted effect, and whether you follow her stitch lines a little or not at all, is up to you!

We welcome any questions you may have about our products! Please contact us and we'll happily help!