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About Digital Fabrics!

Why Digital?
Hoffman Fabrics, long known for its unparalleled batiks, is now the premier provider of digital fabrics. The electronic world has reached fabric manufacturing, and for a myriad of reasons. Digital fabrics, when properly prepared, do not shrink, fade, or bleed. Printing digitally is perfectly suited for complex, detailed, artistic designs that cannot be produced with traditional screen print methods. Not only are there infinite color possibilities, colors can be layered and textured as never before. With a maximum fabric repeat of more than two yards (versus traditional screen prints limited at 24” maximum repeat), Hoffman and McKenna Ryan have the capabilities to engineer larger designs and tailor the fabrics to McKenna's exacting specifications.

As always, Hoffman is the leader in quality using only the highest quality base cloth as well as superior dyes. They source their dyes from the top two reactive dye companies in Switzerland. These dyes penetrate through the organic material, reacting to the heat to ensure that they are colorfast and that the fabric is ready for your creativity!


Because of the technology required to produce the finest digital fabric, production costs are greater. These costs translate into a slightly higher price per yard. The benefits can be easily justified, given the qualities of durability and design.

McKenna and Digital - A Perfect Match!
McKenna’s intricate fabric designs are perfectly suited for the digital medium. Her first digital spectrum fabric line with Hoffman Fabrics, Painted Forest, is printed on 205-thread count base goods, the best base goods in the industry. We are excited that we can ensure that this collection is perfect for any genre of quilting, sewing and crafting.